Learn Which Email Marketing Metrics Matter, and Why

As a busy community financial instituion marketer, you never have enough hours in the day. But one task you absolutely must find time for is email campaign analysis.

The good news is that sorting through the numbers doesn’t have to be daunting or time-consuming.

Join Doxim as we discuss what metrics you need to hone in on for campaign success. You’ll learn how to successfully evaluate your campaigns and plan for future success, without spending hours running reports.

Webinar #2: Simple Metrics for Email Campaign Success

Email Marketing Bootcamp Webinar

Doxim's email marketing expert Mike Hardwicke Brown will show you:

  • How tracking your campaigns can increase your conversion rates, immediately and in the long term
  • How to cut through the noise and determine which metrics matter most to you
  • How to use simple A/B testing to fine tune your email marketing

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