Email Marketing Bootcamp:

Simple Metrics for Email Campaign Success

Are you sending out email campaigns without doing enough to analyze your results? Without a genuine understanding of how your audience is responding to your emails, identifying opportunities for improvement is impossible.

Listen to this webinar as our digital marketing expert, Michael Hardwicke Brown discusses how you can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing outreach at your community financial institution. He will specifically hone in on the key email metrics you need to track and why they matter.

Purpose Built

for Credit Unions

Trusted by hundreds of financial institutions of all sizes, Doxim Email Marketing was custom built specifically for financial services organizations, by people who know the industry. From simple oneoff e-blasts to multi-touch campaigns based on trigger events, Doxim Email Marketing is designed to simplify your email outreach. It even includes a powerful solution to drive e-Statement enrollment and paper statement opt-out in a single click.

A Toolset for Your Team, or a Turnkey Solution – Your Choice

For larger organizations, Doxim Email Marketing delivers a WYSIWYG toolset that allows your marketing team to get campaigns rolling with minimum fuss and effort and maximum impact. Smaller organizations, who may not have sufficient resources in house, can leverage Doxim experts to design and implement effective email marketing programs on their behalf.

Maximize Marketing ROI with Multi-Step Email Campaigns

Integrate Third-Party Data to Automate Key Processes

One of the unique features of Doxim Email Marketing is how it integrates with your core back office, or other outside data sources like CRM, allowing you to automate email outreach for key customer-facing processes. Automated email reminders can be an easy way to take the burden of account administration off the shoulders of your employees.

Your customers receive dozens of promotional emails a day. For your offers to get their attention, you need smart campaigns that respond intelligently to recipient behavior. Using Doxim Email Marketing, you can create and roll out automated multi-step, trigger-based campaigns that reach selected segments of your audience with a series of complementary messages about the benefits of your products – dramatically increasing your response rates.

Let us show you how Doxim can help grow your business with dynamic, personalized emails.

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All-In-One Email Marketing Platform Built for Credit Unions

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Get My Personalized Demo of Doxim Email Marketing
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